Proud to be Graceful

Nikki P

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"... I can not speak highly enough of Rose and her wonderful team. We moved my mother in law into a rest home over 3 years ago, she was diagnosed with early signs of dementia and it got to the stage were we couldn't cope as a family anymore.  Its probably one of the hardest decisions you can make for someone as its their life you are looking after. My mother in law was always a very active person and we felt the rest home didn't provide enough stimulation for her, so I contacted Graceful Care. Rose and her team came on board within the rest home) and spend three days a week taking Jean for walks, drives in the car, coffee and ice-cream outings and sitting with her to talk about her day. They were kind, caring and most of all respectful to Jeans needs.

As the dementia progressed and the rest home that Jean was in,had on going dementia care (or so we were told) couldn't cope, Rose very kindly offered Jean a place at Rose Lodge. I will always remember Rose saying "Its not flash here, but we do provide excellent care". 

We moved Jean, and within two days we saw a difference. We couldn't believe the change in her.. She was smiling, happy, conversing with us and she was slowly started to join in the daily activities. (We had not seen much of this in the 3 years she had been at the old rest home.) She has come off her medications…… we know she will never get better, but we certainly know she has a better quality of life and with people who WANT to care for her. 

Rose's team are happy and passionate about the care they give. The home is warm and inviting not clinical. Trust, Respect,Dignity and Integrity are not just words, but what Rose Lodge/Graceful Care stand for. 

I would highly recommend Rose Lodge to anyone who has family member or someone in need of care."